All LL Flashlight Gallery

Welcome to the LensLight product gallery. This set of photos contains all of the various flashlights that we currently have. You can check out lights from the Black KO to the MINI Ti Digicam to the all new Micro. It is the best way to showcase all our lights to you in one setting. Check them out and grab one while they are available!

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VIDEO: LensLight Factory Tour

LensLight Factory Tour

Curious to take a peek inside the LensLight facility? Do you want to see how our high quality lights are made? Well take a look at our video of the LensLight shop. It gives you a taste of what our production is like and how much careful hard work goes into each and every light. Enjoy the video and let us know what you think!

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USN Toxic Green 10th Anniversary LensLight

This will get all the USN fanatics going crazy.  Just in time for GIV, we have our official USN Toxic Green 10th Anniversary LensLight.  We took our production black MINI and KO and made the bezel a Ti Toxic Green color just like the USN colors.  For the KO you get the titanium clip in toxic green as well!  We have always loved the people at USN and wanted to show our appreciation by making a light just for the 10th Anniversary.  If you are a USN member, you can go to our forum for details about the USN Toxic Light.  This light is only available for a limited time so be sure to get them while they are out!

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Upcoming Event – USN GIV

It’s that time of year again, The Gathering.  This is one of our favorite shows to go to.  Not only do we love the community and people of USN, we love the dedication people show.  Our team has been talking about this show since last year and we have a few surprises up our sleeves.  Stop by the booth if you want to check them out because you will be the first to see some new products.  If you do not know about The Gathering or USN you have to look it up and become a part of the community.  So come on by and see what’s going on at the booth or even just to say hello.  See you all in Vegas!

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The New LensLight MICRO

We have been planning this release for a while now and the day has finally come.   Introducing the new LensLight MICRO.  Running off 1 AAA battery, this light has 40 lumens and a run time of 7 hours on a lithium battery.  To activate, twist the back cap down and to turn off twist the opposite way.  We still have our patented focusable lens system in this light so feel free to twist the focus housing to get that focus.  These lights come in Copper or Titanium right now.  The length of the light is 2.94” with the max dia. At .650”.  We are excited to get the lights out and hope you enjoy them as much as our team does.

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Welcome To The New LensLight Blog!

Welcome to the LensLight Blog!

Here we will be updating on all of our products, giving hints about what will be coming out soon, and also giveaways and promotional codes!

We have some exciting new features and products that will be showcased first on this blog so be sure to be check here for your LensLight fix.

Every week or so we will be posting a blog about what is going on at the LensLight shop and have pictures to show the process of making the next generation of professional light tool.

So keep checking back and you will not be sorry!

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